New Tech Era: Enhancing Consumer Experiences

From our clothes, to our health, to our daily behaviors—our lives will be increasingly intertwined with technology in the coming years, as products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) illustrated. As someone who relies on technology (a wireless insulin pump) for health, I often wonder how these tech ideas actually serve a greater good, … More New Tech Era: Enhancing Consumer Experiences

Road Blocks in Traffic Overhaul

Cities around the world are experiencing a new, rapidly growing epidemic—a traffic epidemic. My hometown, Dallas, Texas, has had increased traffic pressures due to its expanding population and business growth. These problems and attitudes towards traffic are similar to those in China’s large cities. Solutions are created to address traffic problems, but they do not … More Road Blocks in Traffic Overhaul

City Slickers to Country Bumpkins: Urban-rural Migration in China

Divisive political campaigns across the Western world in 2016 illustrated the split between “cosmopolitan” and “rural” citizens. Previous posts have addressed this urban rural divide regarding perceptions of environmental problems. This post examines how the environmental perceptions of rural and urban areas drive movement of people in China in a new direction–urban to rural migration. Chinese … More City Slickers to Country Bumpkins: Urban-rural Migration in China

Trump is not the Center of the Environmental Movement Universe

This week, a temporary New York Times graphic showed that at least 40 Senate Democrats warned President Trump against withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. One of the reasons cited was that withdrawal would “cede climate leadership to China.” Another New York Times article is titled “Trump hands the Chinese a Gift: The Chance for Global Leadership.” Previous blog posts … More Trump is not the Center of the Environmental Movement Universe

China’s Bright and Overcast Renewable Energy Forecast

News outlets over the past year have reported heavily on China’s growing renewable energy investments, particularly in solar power. This news, in a global arena where governments have reignited climate skepticism movements, seems very positive. However, a recent article by China Dialogue, showed that solar PV projects may not always benefit local residents. Renewable energy farms … More China’s Bright and Overcast Renewable Energy Forecast

Climate Change Discourse Relatability Challenge

The past month has seen both inspiring and terrifying environmental news around the world. China’s ivory ban further bolstered the nation’s environmental leadership status, while President Trump’s silencing of environmental bureaus has angered many–scientists, civil servants, and everyday citizens. A common theme of these issues is the problem of relatability of climate change to everyday life … More Climate Change Discourse Relatability Challenge

Climate Science Fiction vs. Fact

A New Yorker satirical article published last year titled “Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-resistant Humans” has proven correct in 2016 elections across the globe. Citizens and politicians have been shocked by the emergence of a “Post-factual era” where emotions trump facts (pun sadly intended). For environmental issues, this attitude contributed to the mindsets … More Climate Science Fiction vs. Fact

GOP extremism, CCP skepticism, and the Media

Oh how the tables have turned. A cliché phrase, but totally accurate for China’s recent rejection of Donald Trump’s plan to pull out of the climate change pact. A few years ago, no one would have thought China would interject its values into another country’s foreign policy—and no one would have EVER thought these values … More GOP extremism, CCP skepticism, and the Media

Green Intentions, Inventions, and Investment

China’s growing wealth and investment capacity has recently attracted the attention of Western companies and nations. The reveal that some Chinese merchants and villagers hold multibillion-dollar stakes in the Anbang Insurance Group, which owns the Waldorf Astoria in New York, seemed to rattle the Western company. Anbang’s acquisitions are representative of a greater outflow of money … More Green Intentions, Inventions, and Investment