GOP extremism, CCP skepticism, and the Media

Oh how the tables have turned. A cliché phrase, but totally accurate for China’s recent rejection of Donald Trump’s plan to pull out of the climate change pact. A few years ago, no one would have thought China would interject its values into another country’s foreign policy—and no one would have EVER thought these values … More GOP extremism, CCP skepticism, and the Media

Green Intentions, Inventions, and Investment

China’s growing wealth and investment capacity has recently attracted the attention of Western companies and nations. The reveal that some Chinese merchants and villagers hold multibillion-dollar stakes in the Anbang Insurance Group, which owns the Waldorf Astoria in New York, seemed to rattle the Western company. Anbang’s acquisitions are representative of a greater outflow of money … More Green Intentions, Inventions, and Investment

A Waste

Last Sunday as I left a Starbucks in North London, I glanced into the trash bin and saw heaps of plastic cups. I was both annoyed and confused. Why did they bother to have plastic recyclable cups if they did not have a recycling bin in the store? I decided to contact the UK Starbucks customer … More A Waste

Rio and the Games of Climate Change

The rhythm and color bursting through Rio’s opening ceremony on Friday suddenly halted when a somber segment on climate change and environmental problems began. The segment startled viewers by explaining carbon emissions, increasing temperatures, and rising sea levels. Why bring this up in such a festive event brimming with joy and pride? Well, the whole world was watching, so … More Rio and the Games of Climate Change

Smog Diamonds Shine Bright but are a Dull Solution

Forget blood diamonds, a new smog diamond has attracted netizens’ attention. Recently a new World Economic Forum post has been circling the Internet. The post is about a Dutch artist’s new tower that can turn pollution in Chinese cities into diamonds. He states that, “In the future waste should not exist” and that the revenue … More Smog Diamonds Shine Bright but are a Dull Solution

From Brexit to Chintervention: Opportunity for China as Global Green Leader

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” Brexit was only the beginning of a domino effect of events that cast a dark cloud over Britain’s—and Europe’s, and the whole world’s—future. This week Theresa May became the … More From Brexit to Chintervention: Opportunity for China as Global Green Leader

Brexit, Immigration and Global Animosity

Concerns on immigration have arisen within the recent Brexit debate. Brexit advocates suggest that leaving would make the UK less attractive to migrants, an increasing cause of concern. Leave campaigners insist that staying in the EU would worsen problems of “uncontrolled” migration from both European and non-European countries into Britain. However, David Cameron, a Remain supporter, … More Brexit, Immigration and Global Animosity

Sustainable Tourism?

Recently I have travelled to Iceland and Croatia—hotspots for environmental spectacles. Most of the parks were pristine, and the resources were well preserved. The scenery was unique and breathtaking. As I begin my dissertation research on ecotourism initiatives on the Tibetan Plateau, I have reflected on my own experiences in ecotravel in Europe and China. Ecotourism is not … More Sustainable Tourism?